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Philly cop whose squad’s drug convictions were tossed still making drug arrests

Bradley Bridge, of the public defender’s office, called Kline’s assertion that Spicer isn’t involved in Jones’ or other narcotics cases “an illusory proposition.” “What’s going on here is an officer who has very significantly challenged credibility was placed back on the street, put in a position of responsibility, and now the past problems that the officer had will come home to roost,” Bridge said.
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Why the ACLU is fighting Philly’s new DNC protest restrictions

The Kenney administration has tightened the rules for protesting during the DNC in July. The PA ACLU would like to know why.
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Philly taxpayers might be on the hook if the Democratic National Convention can’t raise the money

“The public would be on the hook if the Host Committee fails to make payments as agreed in this document.”
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Demonstrators rally in South Philly against refinery expansion

The owner of the largest oil refinery on the East Coast wants to get a lot bigger in Philly. South Philly has other ideas.
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No more ‘artists registry’? Changes planned for controversial music bill

The Kenney administration’s point man in the matter, Deputy Mayor Jim Engler, has been in intensive, ongoing discussions with Squilla and others since public uproar began after Billy Penn first reported on the bill this week. After speaking with Engler and others, here’s what we know about the proposed changes to Squilla’s ‘Special Assembly Occupancy’ bill so far:
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How that artists registry got added to Squilla’s bill, igniting controversy

Why does the City of Philadelphia want phone numbers of the bands, DJs and entertainers who play here? “Updates to the Special Assembly Occupancy ordinance had been stuck in the review process for 9 months to a year,” said L&I Commissioner David Perri. “So when I came in, I said, OK, let’s get this moving.”.
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‘The bill will be amended’: Squilla, Oh respond after artist registry uproar

Councilman Mark Squilla says he didn’t mean to create a registry of artists playing any venue in Philly, despite language in a bill he introduced that appears to do exactly that. The councilman issued a statement on Facebook Wednesday evening after an uproar erupted over Billy Penn’s story detailing the contents of Squilla’s ‘Special Assembly’ licensing bill.
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New bill would create a registry of all the bands and DJs that play Philly: ‘It’s become necessary’

UPDATE: ‘The bill will be amended,’ Councilman vows, as outrage spreads over measure. Police spokeswoman Denise James would not comment, instead referring Billy Penn to the department’s public affairs office, which did not respond. Police would factor into their decision-making things like “crime, traffic, litter, noise, parking and hours of operation; as well as any community concerns, particularly those of neighbors in the immediate vicinity,” according to the bill.
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Exclusive: When SEPTA police will roll out body cameras, and what they’ll record

Come Jan. 1, all 300 SEPTA police will begin wearing body cameras, Billy Penn has learned. Reform-minded transit Police Chief Thomas J. Nestel III and his superiors are scrapping an earlier plan to stagger the cost and defray the $400,000 price tag over a few years, and launching the body-camera program ahead of schedule.
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